Diet Danger: 3 Avoidable Pitfalls Of Losing Weight

diet tips

Weight loss is difficult. While the rate of obesity in America continues to rise, fewer people are attempting to lose weight. There is no avoiding mistakes when trying to lose weight, but there are three avoidable pitfalls that everyone should be aware of. 

Weight Loss: How To Use Cardio And A Good Diet To Help You Shed Pounds Fast

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At the top of countless New Year's resolution lists is the desire to lose weight. Whether it is 20 pounds or 50 pounds, so many people want to feel better and look better too. The weight loss journey is notoriously challenging for so many people. Follow these suggested strategies to look good and feel even better.

Resist the Urge: 5 Healthy Habits to Control Food Cravings

Control Food Cravings

When it comes to food, many of us struggle with frequent, overpowering cravings. If you fail to resist your cravings, it can lead to unhealthy dietary choices, unwanted weight gain, and lack of energy.  See the list below for the top five ways to fend off the desire for unhealthy foods.

How To Lose Weight Without Having Hunger Pangs

The trick to weight loss is taking control of your metabolism. For weight loss, you should be eating foods that willmake you feel full for a longer duration. Read this article to learn tips about losing weight without having hunger pangs.

Weight loss goals - a quick guide for success

Weight loss goals

When it comes to weight watch, why to rely on other people’s opinions? Why not look for something at your own premises to reveal the fact. Yes, you guessed that right. Mirrors on the wall and clothes in the wardrobe don’t lie. Living with a heavy body gives you an uncomfortable feeling, and on top of that, it damages your health.

Thin Think - 6 Steps to an (Almost) Effortlessly Healthier Body

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We live in a country with a multi-billion-dollar weight-loss industry. If diets worked, we would all be thin!  What all the diets, supplement programs, and food substitute systems ignore is that our conscious choices and disciplines do not run the show. Our subconscious does. 

What to Do at Work to Stop Gaining Weight


Office life is not exactly the best of all opportunities for keeping in shape. Stress, machines full of unhealthy snacks and drinks, being glued to the office chair and the screen are terrible for our health, posture and well-being. Here are key tips to help you stop gaining weight at work and feeling great while on the job.


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