Is Ear Ache Making You Sick? Here Are the Probable Causes!

Earache may not be life-threatening but yet it is one of the most common reasons that people visit emergency room. The constant pain in one or both the ears would distract you completely from your routine activities and may make your life miserable if not treated in time

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Most Significant Medical Advancements from the 21st Century

From new discoveries to adapted science in various industries like medicine and health, technology and science is always advancing. To name some of the most important discoveries in recent history, this list will name the biggest medical advancements of the 21st century.

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fitness infographic

Fitness Guide INFOGRAPHIC. Get from Fat and Sloppy to Lean and Mean

Being Fit is Being Positive !! There are many reasons to be fit, but the completeness and energy we get by being fit is the Goal of a Healthy and Happy Life. Here in this infographic you will get to know "How to keep it Simple!" its about various ways to lose and gain weight by simple and effective ways through your daily routine,easy workouts and food habits

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Aging and Health Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Aging itself causes a slowing of the body systems that can be minimized by appropriate health care. Here are a few issues you can discuss with your doctor that will ensure you enjoy good health regardless of your age.

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behavioral problems tips

5 Ways Someone with Behavior Disorders Can Lead a Successful Life

Behavioral disorders, on the other hand, are persistent and ongoing from adolescence to adulthood. Here are five positive ways a parent or teacher can provide guidance and positive reinforcement for serious behaviors.

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first aid

First Responder: Basic First Aid Techniques You Should Know

Basic first aid and safety techniques are something everyone should know. Being familiar with the most common skills to use in the event of an accident or health emergency could truly be the difference between life and death. 

What To Do If Someone Overdoses on Drugs or Alcohol

When someone you care about is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you worry continuously about the long-term risks to their health. You know that alcohol can fatally damage the liver, and that many drug abusers end up with brain damage. But the most serious concern we have is about an overdose.

A Healthy Start: 4 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

What you do in the morning can influence your entire day in so many ways. It makes sense to get the day off to a healthy start so you will feel your best. Here are four improvements you can make right away.

pregnancy health

Pregnancy and You: Medications and Treatments. What You Should Know.

You probably would not think twice about getting a tooth filled, going to the chiropractor, or having an X-ray if you were not pregnant. However, you should question every single medical treatment and medication, including supplements, over-the-counter medications and alternative therapies, if you are pregnant.

The Fine Line of Professionalism: Why Doctors Should Connect With Patients

A good doctor-patient relationship is crucial to ensuring the patient doesn’t switch. Patients need to feel like they can trust their doctor to put their health first and address all of their concerns without feeling rushed. Doctors need to take time to learn how to make their patients feel heard and respected by focusing on strong doctor-patient relationship.

Best Jobs That Can Help You Stay Fit

While many people spend hours at the gym to stay fit, others get a good workout while they are at their jobs. If one has a job that requires them to be active, then they can easily exceed their daily activity requirement. Below is a list of on-site jobs that can help you stay fit:

what causes muscle spasms

Everything You Need to Know About Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms occur involuntarily, and they can be annoying when they happen. Sometimes they occur due to less serious reasons such as stress or anxiety; however, they can also occur when someone has an underlying condition or nerve damage. Anyone experiencing consistent nerve twitches should also make sure they don't have any other symptoms that can indicate a more serious problem.  

benefits of sleep

5 Ways Your Body and Mind Heal While You Sleep

We sleep through one-third of our lives. Sleep is one of the most basic needs and, as such, is an essential part of our everyday routine. Controlling the functioning of our body and mind alike, plenty of shut-eye can do wonders for our health.Today we share 5 super powers a good night’s rest carries that contribute to all the magic that happensto your flesh and psyche while you’re sound asleep.


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  • how to be truly happy

    Are You Really Happy? Signs You Are Really Truly Happy (Infographic)

    What is happiness? What does it mean to be truly happy? Humans always have been searching for the answers to these questions. Of course,there is no single factor that determines human happiness. There are many causes that can influence how we feel on a day-to-day basis. If you want to find out what some of the reasons a person can be happy take a look at this happiness checklist. 

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  • meditation benefits research

    More Good News About Meditation

    It seems like there is every day a new study is coming out showing the benefits of meditation. For decades the scientists have been showing that there are numerous benefits of simply sitting quietly and concentrating on your breath. Well there is more good news.

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  • exercise facts

    Facts Everyone Should Know About Exercise and Your Health

    Check out this infographic and to see how exercising as little as 30 minutes a day can be a key to a healthier, happier you.

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  • mental health

    Choosing The Right Mental Health Career Path

    Mental health is a booming field around the world and doesn’t look likely to slow down anytime soon. Indeed, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its ranking of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the United States last year, the job that ranked highest (with a likely growth rate of 53 percent in the years leading up to 2022) was that of an industrial-organizational psychologist.

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  • behavioral problems tips

    5 Ways Someone with Behavior Disorders Can Lead a Successful Life

    Behavioral disorders, on the other hand, are persistent and ongoing from adolescence to adulthood. Here are five positive ways a parent or teacher can provide guidance and positive reinforcement for serious behaviors.

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  • teen anxiety symptoms

    What You Need to Know About Teen Anxiety

    The turmoil of teenage life is full of anxiety-driven moments and decisions.  Teenagers can become stressed out over issues from an exam in school to social anxiety. When the turmoil of anxiety becomes a constant in a teen’s day-to-day life, the teen should receive help as soon as possible.

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  • mindfullness and stress

    Reduce Your Daily Stress Levels With Mindfulness

    Yoga breathing and yoga asanas are real stress busters and improves your feel good factor. It removes negative feelings/ emotions from your mind. Yoga helps in harmonising your mind and body, provides you more energy to carry out your work.

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  • yoga retreats

    7 Ways to know If Your Yoga Retreat is Right

    If you've decided to go on a yoga retreat, you already know that there will be a few things you need to set in motion to turn that idea into a reality. There are so many places to go, and so many styles of yoga, and so many ways to teach it... how can you know what yoga retreat is the best for your personal needs? Here are few things to consider.

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  • green living

    3 Steps for Relieving Stress with Soothing Home Decor

    Between rushing to work, worrying about bills, and taking care of the kids, our lives are busy and often stressful. Home should be a haven amidst the madness, and the ability to return to a relaxing, rejuvenating environment is crucial to our well-being. 

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  • The Seven Chakras of Yoga

    The Seven Chakras of Yoga

    The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to "wheel" and in Hinduism the entire body is considered to be made up of seven wheels or spirals of energy beginning from the base of the spine and moving upwards to the crown of the head. This is where the basic concept of the seven Chakras of yoga lies.

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