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The Danger of Mixing Drugs

Drugs that work adversely when taken alone are due to either an allergic reaction or overdose. However, when taken in combination, they can interact in unexpected ways. Adverse effects from drugs can either result in a temporary illness, like becoming paranoid or passing out, or death. All adverse results are due to an overstimulation or understimulation of the nervous system, which might cause heart failure, respiratory failure, or multiple-organ failure.

Good Parenting Begins Before Labor: 3 Often Overlooked Tips for a Healthy Child

While most expectant mothers take great care to avoid vices that could be harmful to an unborn child - such as drinking, smoking, drug use, etc. - there are some things that just aren't talked about in the same breath when it comes to prenatal care. Expectant mothers often hear tips ranging from borderline (or completely) ludicrous, to those based in fact, but slightly off the mark.

What to Do if you Miss the Open Enrollment Period for NY State of Health

The deadline for enrolling in a healthcare plan through the New York State of Health marketplace was December 20, 2014, for coverage beginning January 1, 2015. Anyone who did not enroll through the marketplace for coverage by that date would not have insurance coverage for January.

Top 10 Tips on How to Benefit From Your Yoga Class

physical activity, many mistakenly treat it as just another form of exercise class one can squeeze into their busy schedule. That's why those who practice yoga sometimes leave their class feeling anything but bliss and serenity.

Walking for Wellness - 3 Easy Steps

In a world saturated with the latest fitness fads it can be easy to forget one of life’s simplest pleasures; going for a stroll. One of the easiest ways to achieve the recommended two and a half hours exercise a week is a brisk walk every day. It will help you get fit and stay fit and stimulate those feel-good endorphins that exercise can bring.

Tips for Treating Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Both types of diabetes prevent blood sugar from getting into your cells, where your body can convert it to usable energy. As a result, the excess sugar builds up in the blood steam causing damage to the blood vessels and nerves, and starving the body of the energy it needs to perform daily functions.

Stress Management With Meditation

Today's world is a stressful place, with its many demands, crises, and sudden changes intruding into the lives of its inhabitants. Constantly bombarded with pressures and stresses, it is not surprising that most people absorb this negative energy into themselves, and begin to suffer the detrimental effects of becoming attuned to the modern world's problems.

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