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Fish Oil and Aging

Aging is necessary and it is natural. You can’t do anything to stop the years but you can do things to age gracefully and to age without looking like it. How? Aging yet looking years younger has been the quest that most cosmetic surgeries have been aiming for but why go under the knife when you can have it through a healthy lifestyles and a supplement?

Omega-3 has been labeled lately as the most important anti-aging supplement one can take. And it has been backed by research and studies.

Health Benefits of Omega-3

Omega-3 is first known for its benefits for the heart. It can strengthen cardiovascular health and lower risk of heart attacks. It can also be beneficial against one’s fight on diabetes.

Omega-3 is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties making it useful for conditions that are characterized by intense inflammation. Another benefit of these fatty acids from fish oil includes its capacity to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood and help increase the good ones.

Fish oil, omega-3 also influences mood, mental health and can help prevent depression and mood swings from worsening.

These and more benefits are worth mentioning since the absence of such conditions in the body may entail a healthier system which may lead to a longer life. So take more fish oil, lessen processed food intake and say hello to a longer and a fuller life ahead.

Omega-3, Telomeres and Aging

Omega-3 from fish oil can prevent or slow down cellular aging.

In a study in 2010, it has been found out that the levels of omega-3 in a person’s blood may tell of life longevity. Telomeres, a protective cap in the end of chromosomes gets shorter when exposed to several triggers such as poor diet, environmental causes and lifestyles choices but those who have higher omega-3 in their bloods have longer telomeres.

The same processes that can make skin sag and wrinkle also can shorten telomeres. Plus shorter telomeres may result to death from cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. In short, telomeres can act as one’s biological clock.

For this, another conclusion has been achieved. Those who are avid fish eaters had a biological age that is younger than their chronological age.

Although this can put omega-3 into something that makes it labeled as elixir of life, it shouldn’t equate health into it alone.

The Conclusion

Omega-3 can strengthen your health system. It can prevent diseases; you get your telomeres prevented from shortening. You can lose more weight when working out. You avoid diabetes. You get all the benefits of these beneficial oils but these reasons alone shouldn’t just be your cause to do all unhealthy things.

So to help omega-3, you have to do your part like eating the right food, doing exercise, avoiding alcohol and smoking. A simple run done thrice a week is the least you can do. Getting to your doctor for regular check-ups is also advisable.

In the end, it boils down into your healthy lifestyle, the way you take advantage of supplements and of course, your genes. So stay happy, and keep healthy.


Author: Roselen, being an avid fish eater, has always promoted the benefits of omega-3 through her blog. She writes for an online health magazine and for several health blogs. Roselen loves listening to pop and rock music. Add her to your circles in Google+.

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