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5 Drugs with Long-Term Side Effects

long term drug side effects

many people don’t realize that recreational drug use can have consequences long after the cessation of use. From illicit substances like methamphetamine to commonly used legal substances like alcohol and tobacco, the long-term effects of abuse may continue to impact an individual for months or years.

Women's Health: How to Take Care of Your Wellness as You Age

women aging health tips

The average woman pays more attention to her family's health than her own health. However, it is also very important for women to realize that placing their health on the back burner might lead to health issues as they age. Women's health and wellness is a growing issue in this country and around the world. The sooner that women start realizing this fact, the sooner they will have a healthier and more balanced life. Pursuing wellness begins with making a few lifestyle changes. Here is more on the subject.

4 Unique Ways to Increase Your Health with Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements

Modern medicine has worked wonders for human health, but pharmaceuticals also cause a wide variety of side effects. Taking a medication to treat a problem such as constipation could result in side effects that are worse than your original problem. Consider these four unique ways of increasing your health with natural supplements instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Rejuvenating Waters: 5 Reasons You Need Hydrotherapy in Your Life

Hydrotherapy Health Tips

Had a tiresome day at work? Then hydrotherapy is an excellent choice to feel better and ease your discomfort. Aquatic physiotherapy can, therefore, be used for fitness, fun as well as physical rehabilitation. So what makes hydrotherapy such a great option? Here are 5 reasons why you need to hydrotherapy in your life.

Looking Good: 3 Ways To Improve Your Vision Naturally

 Improve Your Vision Naturally

Your vision is one of your most important physical attributes, which makes it essential that you do whatever you can to prevent vision loss. If you starting to have vision problems, it’s a good idea that you first attempt to use any natural methods at your disposal before resorting to potentially risky and expensive surgeries

How to Restore the Brain After Addiction

fight addiction

Drug abuse drastically changes the brain for the worse. Addiction hijacks pleasure centers, creates ingrained behavioral patterns, and kills brain cells. The good news is you can restore the brain after addiction.

Lyme, the Stealth Epidemic Outside Your Front Door

If you spend time outside in spring, summer or early fall, sooner or later you will pick up ticks in their various stages or get bitten by flies or mosquitos, all of which can carry a range of different microbes. Several of these are associated with Lyme disease.


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