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Before Submitting Your Gest Post Please Read Our Guidelines.

We always looking to showcase new voices via our user and expert bloggers and we’re happy to consider your writing for publication on our site. We are interested in blog posts that are engaging, informative, entertaining, unique, personal, amusing, educational, authoritative, persuasive and, above all – original.

Please look through website articles to get ideas on which posts will be suitable for publication.
We now accept two types of guest blog posts, please familiarize with the option that is more suitable for you.


Read why you should become guest blogger: 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging

Please read before submitting content. Send all submissions to:   info(at)nywellnessguide(dot)com

We now accept two types of blog posts: Regular and Sponsored Blog Posts

If you have a great article you wrote about yoga, meditation, alternative health or other similar alternative health topic, please send it to us so we can post it on this site and share it with others. We will also link it back to your website to give your proper credit, which will increase your popularity and thus drive more traffic to your website. Please keep all posts and blog topics focused on wellness and read all submission guidelines below before submitting your content. Please sepcify what type of blog post you want to submit.

I. Regular Guest Post

- The posts must be wellness related, informative, objective and useful to the readers of this website and must not be commercial or self-promotional as a whole.
- All articles must be original and not be duplicate of any articles posted previously on the web.
- Articles should be about 500 to 700 word or longer.
The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
Content can't be overly promotional in nature and can't be used to promote or sell specific product or service.
- You can also submit photo, video or infographic related to the post. We reserve the right not to publish the photo if deemed unnecessary or images inappropriate.
- Bloggers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their post.
- Please note: for non-sponsored posts you can only include links in the author bio.



guest blog posts guidelines

II. Sponsored Guest Post

- Regular article guidelines apply to sponsored guest posts, however you are allowed to embed links within the body of the article.
- If you interested in this type of post, please specify that you're interested in the sponsored content advertisement in your email.
- Please contact us directly so we can discuss rates and help you maximize your marketing and seo efforts.
- All paid posts can include 1-2 links withing the body of the article. They can also include images, videos or any other multimedia content.
- All sponsored blogs will appear on the home page to increase clicks and help drive traffic
- Sponsored posts will be promoted through website social media channels, including Twitter (100K followers) Facebook, LinkedIn and     Google+
- Sponsored posts and your links do not expire and will remain active indefinately and will not be removed unless requested by the publisher.

- All sponsored links are Dofollow link type.

- Every sponsored post will appear on the home page for the period of at least a week.

- If requested, sponsored content may not be labeled as sponsored.

- Sponsored articles are $50 for a single post or $40 each for 2 or more articles published within a period of 1 month.
(If  you require us to write an article for you using your targeted keywords, the total cost for a single post is $70).



All Submissions are subject to review by NY Wellness Guide staff and submission does not guarantee automatic publication. By submitting your post to NY Wellness Guide, you are granting permission for  NY Wellness Guide editor to edit your post. By submitting your content you consent that you have folllowed all the rules and guidelines and that your content is original and is not a copyrighted material. 

Note: We have the right to change, delete or update any content added by the users to this site. 

We strive to keep content on this site informative and spam free to benefit our users. Unfortunately if we find your content too commercial or too self promotional, badly written or not fitting the nature or quality of our site, we have the right to modify it to fit website rules and criteria.


Wellness Listings Submission Guidelines.

Our NY Wellness Directory has been designed for businesses with a physical presence in New York. Listings must represent businesses that offer local offline services and promote a physical location. Please only list NY health-related businesses that are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. The only  wellness listings that are allowed outside of these boroughs are Wellness Retreats.
- Please include image, logo, photo with your listing. All listings must have an image associated with it otherwise we'll use a stock image or image found on your website.
- Listings must have physical address or office location in NYC within above mentioned boroughs. Virtual offices, the website operating from NY aren't accepted. If you're a personal trainer or personal yoga instructor and only conduct your business by appointment rather than from physical office please state so.
- Listings can't contain any commercial or promotional content, like specials, any specific classes or events. This information changes constantly and we can't keep up with hundreds of listings. That is why information about your business has to be brief and objective. 
- If you have free classes or monthly specials you would like to list, you can list them in our events and specials sections.
- Listings are simply a place to provide quick info about your business, it's not a place to promote anything other than provide brief information about your business.
- Keep your description to one to two paragraphs, please. We will include the link to your company website where users can find more information about your business and practice.
- We only list the business once. Please check to make sure your business is not listed already in our directory before submitting.

Submit Article for Review to:  info (at) nywellnessguide (dot) com

Monthly Specials Submission Guidelines.

 - Specials must be running for a month and be wellness related offered by New York wellness businesses with a physical presence. 
- Please only include New York specials you're planning on running for a month. We can't keep up with volume of daily specials and keep information accurate for our users.
- Please state clearly how much is the discount is to eliminate confusion and include days and hours it's offered or not available.

Submit Article for Review to:  info (at) nywellnessguide (dot) com

NY Classes and Events Submission Guidelines.

- Classes and events must only be wellness related (yoga, healthy cooking, health fairs, etc.)
- Classes and events listed can only be in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens area.

Submit Article for Review to:  info (at) nywellnessguide (dot) com


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