Holistic Practitioners

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Derek Calibre NY Psychic

Derek Calibre's unique, interactive method inspires insights into the trajectories of your life stories. He helps you see opportunities, navigate relationships and achieve your goals

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Green Beat Life

With an integrative and personal approach to diet and wellness, Green Beat Life, LLC offers comprehensive nutrition and health coaching programs designed for you to make the optimal choices that allow you to easily navigate your way to vibrant health and balance.

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One Breathe Circle

One Breath Circle is a Brooklyn, NY based organization that offers classes and programs dedicated to healing, personal growth and spiritual development. We provide a safe, unconditional and compassionate space for healing, deep inquiry, and the exploration of our gifts and capacities, using a wide range of practices, including mindfulness, contemplative practices, breath, movement and voice.

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Sprouting From The Soul Nutrition

Francesca is a certified holistic health coach, cooking instructor and author of the health and wellness blog Sprouting From The Soul. Based in New York, she features a mix of her plant-based recipes wellness and nutrition tips, and all things SOULful on her blog. 

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Back and Body Medical

We specialize in relieving your neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder, hip, and leg pain. Whether your pain is chronic or the result of an injury, diagnosing the source correctly is essential. We employ some of the most advanced diagnostic techniques in the field to make sure that you don’t waste time on therapies that won’t work. 

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Kinetic Massage Therapy

Edan Harari is a gifted bodyworker who has healed himself from a serious and debilitating illness including having gone through multiple surgeries as well as sports trauma injuries such as broken bones and a torn Achilles tendon.

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Michelle Mahlman Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I create a supportive, judgement-free environment that will enable you to achieve all of your health goals. I have studied holistic nutrition and use transformational lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you.


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