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Kevyn Zeller Pilates

Kevyn Zelle Pilates is a cozy, zen oasis filled with natural sunlight, high ceilings and beautiful, state of the art Pilates equipment made from bamboo.  Our intention is to provide a space that allows you to leave all of your unnecessary stress and worries at the door so that you are present and able to fully receive the benefits of your Pilates practice.

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Westside Pilates

After years of teaching, Adrianne recognized a growing need in the number of people requiring a place to retreat to from the hectic, busy chaos of life. Westside Pilates was born out of the desire to provide people with a calm, tranquil environment where they can go to find healing and increased levels of fitness.

Get Leaner and Stronger With Pilates Band Workout

There are many types of fad workouts today and more coming out year after year. Many promise big results with little effort. The truth is, the only way you will get the body you want to work at it. You can’t get a lean, muscled body without working out, that’s just the way the body works, unless you were blessed with unusually good genes, but still, genes can only take you so far. If you want a fit, lean body, then you have to find a workout that works for your body. If you are looking for a workout that can get you lean and strong, then you should consider the Pilates band workout.

What is the Pilates band workout?

The Pilates band workout incorporates Pilates exercises with resistance exercises using a long elastic band. Some people also use the Pilates ball. This type of exercise can help engage different muscles you normally wouldn't be able to work out with normal types of exercises. It makes your workout more challenging and actually increase its effectiveness.

The problem with many types of workouts is that the body parts you use a lot – like abs, arms, buttocks, and legs – get “bored”. That is because you tend to use the same muscle fibers over and over again. However, with the Pilates band workout, you can wake up these muscles and challenge them.

Starting the Pilates Band Workout

It really doesn't take much to start out this workout. First, you need your resistance band You can choose the band depending on your level of comfort. The lighter bands have less resistance, so it is better for beginners. The great thing about these bands is that as you use them more, you can increase your workout intensity by picking up newer and tighter bands.


There are many types of exercises you can do with the resistance bands. The most basic one is the external rotations. Start by kneeling or standing in a neutral spine position. Keep your legs parallel and about hip width apart. Hold the band on either side of you with the palms up and elbows at the side. As you exhale, rotate the shoulders externally and stretch the band out horizontally. Inhale and return to the starting position.

Another great exercise is the triceps press. Sit down and stretch out your legs in front of you with the feet flexed. Wrap the band over the soles of your feet and hold either end of the band in your hands. Then, keeping your spine straight and hinged at the hip, reach your hands back, lifting the elbows and keeping your arms straight. You can also do a bicep curl in the same starting position, but rolling your lower back down to the floor or mat and bringing up your arms to a 90-degree angle and your elbows at the sides. Inhale when you extend the arms to a parallel position to the mat and exhale when you curl them back.

These are just two simple exercises you can do with the Pilates band. You can find many more that will help you get a fitter and healthier body.

About Author Andew wales is a fitness blogger providing information on topics such as how exercising, mat workout, and barre training to help with different muscle aspirations to keep you updated about the latest in the health and fitness market trends. He is family member of Pilates Sports Center, CA. His favorite qoute is "Energy & persistence conquer all things". His two kids, ages 2.5, and 7. 

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Elite Body Pilates

Elite Body Pilates offers safe, attentive and non-competitive Pilates classes by professional, certified instructors. Our fully equipped studio is conveniently located on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Each of our professional, certified instructors brings unique and outstanding talents to their teaching as well as a deep passion for Pilates and its benefits.

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Flash and Bone Pilates

If you would like to try a great pilates studios, try Flesh + Bone Pilates Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Clare Amory and her staff of seven lead their Williamsburg clients in group, private, and semi-private classes in this open studio near Williamsbrg Bridge.

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Kinected Pilates Center

Our approach to physical health is simple: To look and feel your best, your body needs balance. It needs a blend of fitness and health, a mix of movement and medicine, a partnership between your Pilates instructor and your physician.

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Zen Girl Fitness

In the heart of Soho, ZenGirl Fitness has joined forces with Grasshopper Pilates in an airy 2,000 sq. ft loft space. Enjoy a challenging and functional workout in a relaxed environment. Full service Pilates, kettlebells, yoga wall, (one-on-one or class of 3) and cutting edge Keiser resistance training (runs on an air compressor, used by pro-athletes) all under the same roof. Choose just one type of workout or combine any of above techniques above.


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