Stress and Mental Health

What Is Meditation? Living in the Now

learn to meditate

Meditation has been around for almost as long as human history. At its core, meditation is a technique that helps us quiet our minds. Throughout the day everyone of us have millions of thoughts that clutter our minds. This mind chatter or a constant commentary on life keeps us distracted and way from living in the present moment.

Treating Social Anxiety Disorder

How to be more social

Social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia, primarily impairs the individual's ability to function in social situations. It may even go as far as hindering the person to feel at ease in front of anyone else, except his family and a few friends. The person with social phobia limits his activities to places and situations wherein he feels secure from being scrutinized by other people. However, given that social structures and activities are commonly geared towards active social interaction, the person often excludes himself from normal day-to-day engagements.

Laughter Makes the Workplace Lighter

Workplace and Health

Did you know that the average preschooler laughs or smiles 400 times a day? That number drops to 15 by the time people are 35 yrs. old. Isn’t it amazing what stress and too much responsibility can do? So who says that work always has to be serious? Work environments where humor is encouraged, tend to be happier, less stressed and more productive.

How to Be Happy Everyday - Simple Ways to Help You Stay Happy Always

Be Happy

The question of how to be happy everyday may be a little difficult to answer, but as always said, happiness is a choice and you can definitely learn how to be happy everyday. Here are some ways to help you remind yourself to stay happy every single day.

- Stay away from things that make you unhappy and from people that have negative influences in your life.

How To Create A Powerful First Impression

First Impressions

You've heard it a hundred (if not a thousand) times: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It turns out, psychologically, that peoples' impressions of things - people, food, places - are truly most influenced by their first exposure to them. These first impressions set the initial state to which we compare later interactions, that is why it's so important to make this initial contact a positive one.

Turning Workplace Stress into a Simple Stretch

You want to exercise, you want to relieve stress and tension, but you don’t have anytime to leave the office. What’s a busy professional to do? Lucky for you there’s an easy solution. There are many yoga-based stretching exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, whether you’re in your office, at the grocery store or even in bed.

Do You Know How To Make The Right Decision?

Making decisions is part of modern life, and each day we make hundreds of simple decisions, a handful of important decision, and occasionally, a massive decision. The problem is often in knowing the right or best thing to do, and so many of us do not know how to set about making the right decision.


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