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Drink More Water, Loose Weight

Trying to lose weight? Drink more water throughout the day and before each meal. This will help you get more full when it's time to eat, so you will consume less, than you normally would. In several studies on weight loss conducted in overweight adults, those who drank water before eating a meal regularly consumed fewer calories and saw improved weight loss results.

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10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Do you like to eat? Does the sight of all those sugary and fat filled delicacies make your mouth water? If your answer is yes, then it probably means that there is a good chance you might be sporting body fat in the shape of a pot belly. The extra flab hanging from the waistband of your jeans is not only not attractive but is unhealthy as well. Well, you can avoid all that embarrassment by steering clear of following foods which only serve to pack on pounds.

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