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Boost Your Confidence with Goal Setting

Setting goals boosts mood and confidence by increasing the likelihood of success, which results in better feelings about yourself & life in general. But make sure your goals are SMART if you want to accomplish them.

Health Tip: 

Quite Literally~by LuCy sMiLeS

Although there certain is a certain way of communicating that can be healthiest; when we are dealing with certain people in our lives, there can also be individual ways that work best depending on who we are communicating with.

Our lives, intertwined with those we love can be very sensitive considering what bond we have, or had up until now.

Our communication with our children will differ from that of our spouse, our parents, our coworkers.

How we interact and learn to communicate to those in our lives, will also differ depending on the past experiences we have, individually, as well.

When we can work together to build a strong foundation of loving and compassionate communication no matter what our past circumstances were, our lives will begin to take on a beautiful flow of empathy and gratitude to those who have touched our lives, helped us learn and grow, and gave us the opportunity to get to know ourselves even better through our relationships outside of ourselves.

Love those who have assisted you in your journey.

No matter where you stand now, vs then, always remember that the dance of two people takes two to make it work; however best.



LuCy sMiLeS

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Water Under The Bridge~ by LuCy sMiLeS

“Cross that bridge when you get to it,and always remember to pack light.”
LuCy sMiLeS

Water Under The Bridge

I had an interesting dream last night. I was travelling with too many bags to keep count, let alone keep myself up without falling over.
I had support in getting them to my flight, by a few helpful people; but it didn’t make the feeling of all the heaviness any better.

I have travelled a fair bit in the last few years, and made a mental note the more I travelled; the importance of slimming down all that was taking, as it didn’t serve me.

Did you ever notice you can plan your packing you are certain to include all of the “just incases” to be added into your suitcase; only to find yourself wearing just a select few things, at the end.

Of course, we all need the staples. The jeans, plain t-shirt; walking shoes; night jacket, and accessories. Specifically, we must, as women, bring the sexy black dress, bikini, under garments and heels- and for the men, the suit & tie (the guys out there can add the rest in your minds; us ladies like to keep you a little mysterious).

But when does it get to be too much?

I realized when I woke up this morning the feeling that came over me, remembering the dream and all that I carried- or attempted to carry- with me.

When we walk forward, it is important to let things go, from our past, that are not serving us. When we build new friendships, or relationships, we must be aware of anything that we still have in our minds that affect the present moment, and the future, from previous experiences.

Of course, we know never to lose the lessons. But it is imperative in order to build success in any connection we have, to allow ourselves to wash off any old feelings, to allow for new beginnings.

LuCy sMiLeS

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Fact or Fiction~ LuCy sMiLeS

Wherever we are in our lives right now comes from a serious of choices.
We may say that much of what we have been through; however, was simply out of our control.

Perhaps, this is true.

Mind you, we had to make choices based on exterior circumstances, which then, gives us the responsibility for what those are, no matter what the circumstances were.

I tend to take time to reflect on my life, when I am thinking of what I will write, or when messages grab me, telling me what I am going to write.

Either way, my thoughts always go to a place of analyzing where I am, and how my writing reflects my own experiences, so I can open these experiences, and personal observations to you.

We all have our own truth, which we carry with us.

They are made up of beliefs, experiences, and trials.

When we are then creating experiences with other people, our intertwined truths can create a sort of friction, when trying to now decipher if we feel that ours or theirs is fact of fiction.

Much of our altercations with others can stem from the offense we and them take when defending our own truths.

How best we can get along with others, no matter what the relationship, is to respect each other for what our truths are, not trying to change them, but being mindful to respect them, instead.

Even if we feel that what we are being exposed to by someone is not appropriate, or considerably out of integrity; our mission must not be to stand in a place of conflict or confrontation; but instead to go back to our own personal integrity and truth, and make sound decisions, for ourselves, based on that.

The more we try to change others, the more we will step into Ego, insisting that we have all the right answers, with a need to influence others to belief and follow what we do.

While it is helpful to express ourselves, and expose others to what may benefit them towards a better life- our goals must simply be to lead by our own example; stay true to our own set of rules, boundaries, and beliefs, and allow others to make their own decisions best for them.

No matter where that takes them.


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