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What Is Ashtanga Yoga? Understanding the Methods

Ashtanga yoga, also known as power yoga, is quickly gaining popularity among practitioners. So what is Ashtanga yoga? It is the form of yoga most used by athletes and those interested in quickly increasing strength and stamina. Because of that, Ashtanga yoga postures have a higher degree of difficulty than those in other styles. Additionally, they are done as part of series.

Why Your Job Maybe the Cause of Your Chronic Low Back Pain

Your job is what occupies most of your day. Though it is the very reason your home fires are always burning bright and you are able to provide your family and kids with everything they ever need, your job is also what causes you the most worries, most tensions, not to mention the wrinkles, dark circles and gray hair!

Simple Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Whiten your teeth with a few simple products and ingredients for an instant confidence boost. Teeth whitening should be about more than just a brighter smile, it's also about healthier teeth and a boost in your confidence. This article will share with you the top five easy ways to whiten your teeth in just a few minutes a day.

Introduction to the Science of Kundalini Yoga

At the core of Kundalini Yoga lies Kriyas and the best way to understand the methodology of Kundalini Yoga is to understand Kriyas and their functioning. Kriyas are a set of exercises done in a particular sequence to work on a specific theme. There are a wide range of Kriyas available, each refined over thousands of years to optimize their effectiveness.

Psychologist Or Psychiatrist? 3 Questions to Ask Before Making an Appointment

Patients are always surprised to learn that there are very few laws governing the practice of medicine. In fact, a physician who is licensed to practice medicine by his state medical board - whatever his specialty - can legally provide counseling for anyone, even if he or she has absolutely no training in psychology at all!

Portion Control Diet - Eating in Right Amount

Yes, you are doing your regular workouts. You have even substituted your meals with more healthy and balanced ones. Yet, why is it that the bulges refuse to leave your body? Because you are eating more than your body requirement and the only solution to this problem is restricting your quantity which is called portion control diet.

Bikram Yoga - Sweating You Way To Radiant Health

For many people, Yoga brings to mind an image of a  man transformed into the shape of a pretzel. In fact, Yoga is a  practice which has been developing for thousands of years, and there  are new types of Yoga springing fourth generation after generation.


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