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Detox Your Way to Better Living

Given the rather toxic environment we live in today and the plethora of unknown substances and chemicals that are included and lodged in the things we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, it is necessary that everyone undergo some sort of detoxification program at one point in their lives to stay healthy.

Top 5 Benefits of De-cluttering Your Home or Office

Clutter spaces are like hidden tax – they secretly steal away your creativity and energy.  The ether that surrounds us connects all us through energy neurons that are not entirely scientifically explained by modern science.  These energy neurons are clogged in presence of clutter.

What Is South Beach Diet?

The South Beach diet plan was developed for obese patients by an American cardiologist in Florida, Dr Arthur Agatston. He supports the consumption of mostly "good carbohydrates" and "good fats."

The South Beach diet is often being confused or compared to the Atkin's low-carbohydrate dieting system which was developed by the late Dr Atkin.

Yoga Can Enhance Your Exercise Program and Your Life

Yoga is an ancient form of expression in movement, and these days, more and more people incorporating it into their modern lives for a number of reasons. Among the various reasons people practice yoga are: it can help athletes improve their game, serves to benefit mental well-being, provides a physical challenge, increases core strength and flexibility, intensifies focus, and improves overall health.

Barefoot Running - Is it For You?

In an age of high priced athletic shoes and broken glass on streets, barefoot running is a rare sight. But, more coaches and trainers are turning to barefoot training for their runners and now recreational athletes, tired of expensive shoes and lower extremities injuries, are picking up on this new trend.

The Incredible Benefits of Pure Acai Berry

Every year it seems that a new product is introduced to the market that claims to have properties that could even rival the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, most of these claims are highly overblown. However, as of late a new product has entered the market that may just hold up to the amazing properties that it claims to have.

Food For Healthy Skin - What Should You Eat to Get Vibrant, Beautiful Skin?

The best way to improved health and looks is without a doubt a well-balanced diet. People often don't think about what the right food for healthy skin is, and only look at what topical care products they are using.


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