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Green and Clean Exercise Equipment Infographic

If you attend the gym to maintain your health and fitness, you know that gym equipment can harbor thousands of germs, acting as a hotbed of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. In order to maintain your physical health and also protect yourself from infections and viruses, follow these guidelines to clean gym equipment and minimize your risk of getting sick.


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Why More and More People Are Choosing a Nursing Career

nursing jobs

Nursing is a career that’s definitely been growing in the demand and can be a perfect choice for anyone interested in people’s health and well-being, job stability, and having the ability to help people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Quinoa Benefits Healthy Eaters Need to Know

benefits of quinoa

One of the benefits of Quinoa is that it can be used to compliment many dishes. A delicious and versatile type of seed grain that is quickly gaining a niche in the market today in many diet and vegan recipes, due to its protein content. It is now considered a super food because of its ingredients which are extremely beneficial to our health.

Oolong Tea Facts - Health Benefits and Varieties

oolong tea

Oolong tea, also spelled wulong or wu long, is a type of semi-oxidized tea, meaning that it is intermediate between black tea and green tea. Learn about basic facts about oolong tea, including health information and an introduction to different varieties.

Top Health Care Jobs You Might Not Have Considered

healthcare jobs

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in health care, but haven’t worked out which area to specialize in yet, make sure you research the numerous career paths you could take. From using skills in business and management, to communication, analysis, accuracy, or more, there are many ways in which to make a living helping people. Read on for just some of the top health care jobs you might not have previously considered or known about.

Natural Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

blood pressure naturally

High blood pressure or hypertension is a well known disease that has affected millions. The disease is often known as the silent killer as the persons suffering from it mostly remain unaware of it unless they face some serious consequences. The main culprit undoubtedly lies on the modern day life style and the unhealthy eating habits.

6 Common Health Concerns You Probably Aren't Tending To

health tips

Everyone wants to take care of his or her health, and if you're someone who gets a flu shot every year, exercises regularly, and doesn't smoke, you probably think you're already doing everything you need to.


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