Quit Stressing And Head Outdoors – Top 8 Outdoor Activities To De-Stress

Top 8 Outdoor Activities

Certainly, life in current times is not as ordinary as it used to be a few years ago. There are everyday challenges that each one of us is facing, and this is the cause of stress build up in our daily routine. The hectic lifestyle does not leave us an option to cope up with the demands of everyday life. Simple living has become a thing of past.

We are stressed about work-life balance, immense pressure to perform at home, at school and even at the office. We are stressed about every other thing; people’s judgment towards our lifestyle, the project at the school of a baby, traveling long hours for work purpose pull us down and create redundant stress. Such is the power of stress that it is becoming a predictable part of daily living.

Thankfully, we are also living in a world where in medication, exercises and other extracurricular activities can help us reduce stress. Perhaps, the need of the hour is to curb our stress down. It is absolutely an easy task to de-stress from the daily grind of a hectic schedule. There are plethora of options on de-stressing.

Adding a little bit of a zing and some adventure to the routine can help us overcome our stressful living. Keep the worries at bay as we have consolidated a list of top eight outdoor activities that will give a boost to the happy hormones. With these exciting and audacious outdoor activities, anyone can break the stress built up!


Here are a few outdoor activities that will rejuvenate and energize you.

Top 8 Activities To Keep Your Stress At Bay

1.  Camping

The best way to unwind is to spend time with family and friends. A weekend is an ideal option to break free from the clutter created in our lives.

 This activity serves two purposes at one go, you get to enjoy the wilderness and at the same time camping involves a lot of activities such as hiking, camp fire dancing, cooking and even taking rest. Camping certainly is good for busting stress.

2.  Jogging

You need no investment except a good pair of shoes and your exercise gear to get you jogging. A short jog stint in the daily routine can help in stress relief.

Jogging for a mile can help in production of endorphins, which is a chemical produced in the brain and acts as a natural painkiller, therefore improving the physical and mental state of mind, which in turn diminishes stress

3. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is the best retort to stress. This activity can be done indoors but take our word, get your Yoga mat and go to the park. The access to oxygen while doing

Yoga in the park will calm you and give you a lot of relaxation. It is healthy and at the same time, adds extra years to your living. Just an hour of a Yoga session at the nearest park can help you unwind from tensions of everyday life.

4. Cycling

Cycling can be taken up at any age. Kids and adults will equally love cycling. It is fun and relaxing too. Haven’t felt that swift breeze on your face for years, go riding on a bike, feel the adrenaline rush in the body and go down the memory lane of your childhood days.

Cycling is fun in any season. It will give you the much needed-break from the stresses of everyday life.

5. Dancing Class

Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop or even a belly dance class can help bust stress. These are not only dancing styles but also an exercise type that will help you burn calories and even add fun in your life.

There must be a lot of group dance festivals doing rounds in your city/town. Learning any one style of dance will help you get rid of monotonous and boring life. After all, stress also comes from monotony!

6. Water Sports

For years, we have not known the benefits of water. Science proves that getting into the water and having a fun time to  playing water sports can actually heal the mental and physical state of living.

Be it surfing, paddle boarding, boat riding or just relaxing on the shore, these water sport activities reduce stress.

7. Hiking

While it is understood that hiking can be taken up by people mostly living in mountainous areas. But it also depends on the topography of your city.

Despite the fact that you may not have access to a hiking trail, but you must have a local park or a high steep area wherein you could actually go hiking? It is another way to beat stress.

 A study performed in UK has proved that walking through natural parks and green geographies calm your brain.

8.  Practice Meditation On The Grass

Sounds intimidating but research has proved that practicing meditation on the grass has a healing effect on the brain, therefore helping to reduce stress hormones in the body. Mindfulness is an important skill and meditation can get you a healthy and a balanced living.

If you are one of those who thinks that watching TV, relaxing on your couch or a dinner date outside is going to help you de-stress, then you are the one who needs to step outdoors.

Deep, restorative relaxation will not happen suddenly. Your immune system does not only require healthy food, it needs recycling, a boost to endorphins production so that stress cannot harm you.

Scientific studies have proved that outdoor activities have overriding benefits on our health. Stepping outdoors and taking up activities in the lap of nature helps improve mood and concentration.

 It calms down the mental and physical tensions. No matter how demanding life gets, outdoor activities will improve your mental and physical state of being.

These outdoor activities will certainly cut out stress from your life and leave you rejuvenated. What is stopping you, go head outdoors to calm down stress!

Author Bio: Harry Wilson the author of this blog post is founder of Sportslifestyle360.com.

He has had complete experience with camping, fishing and hunting, and well aware of all the danger and thrill in these activities.The main purpose of his blog was to be able to connect with others like him,  all around the world, and share his passion and love for outdoor activities. 

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